Butterfly Acrobat

PrizeShortlist in Illustrate (graphic)
CompanyXimena Ureta
Design TeamWoman Illustration : Alejandra Acosta. Design: Dante Curin. Production: Juan Rojas.
ClientCCL Label - Chile.
CreditEstudio Navarro
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Butterfly Acrobat is an act of freedom and hope, a poetic response to the pandemic. The tale of Butterfly Acrobat, Amazing Edition, is the fantasy of a woman who can fly during her circus act. Mara is the mysterious butterfly acrobat. Thousands of butterflies flock in a colorful torrent in the air under the stage lights, their wings, flower - shaped, open and close to the rhythm of music and using their delicate silk threads, they fly among the audience. Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to present. The most delicate and amazing act in the whole world.