Timing Sauce Branding

PrizeFinalists in Illustrate (graphic)
CompanyCloris Chan Design
ArtistWai Ching Chan
ClientTiming Sauce
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By rebranding, our goals are to enhance the brand image and recognition. Timing Sauce is a start-up company in Hong Kong. The founder Lok, was a chef from five-star hotels a few years ago before she built her brand to sell handmade sauces. Chicken chilli sauce and Agrocybe sauce are their signatures. All products are No MSG and Preservative. The vision of Timing Sauce is to promote happiness via food and hope that people can live at the moment. The logo was designed with an abstraction to present the Sauce and a yummy face. The logo aims to bring out a yummy atmosphere when you see the logo.

Cloris is a graphic designer based in Hong Kong, working in the design industry for over ten years in which touched different types of design. In recent years, she's focused on branding design. She also believes we can communicate with people through brand image/identity. Passionate about brand design, she constantly tries to explore different design directions through self-study and thorough research on brand knowledge. In Hong Kong, people don't care a fig for brand design. I hope that through great design, we can increase the importance and value of brand design.