A Pearl by the Canal – Gaojia Garden

PrizeFinalists in Decorate (interior)
CompanyDDO design
ArtistElaine Cheng, Rene Guan, Giacomo Liviabella
Design TeamTien Chen, Andy Xiao, Ivy Huang
Video URLView

Gaojia Garden situated in quiet woods by the canal under Gongchen Bridge in Hangzhou.The corridor is designed by combining both new and old elements to create an art and culture corridor.The design of Nanhua Building is to respect history and preserve original design elements left by combing with modern design techniques and modern forms of manifestation.A tea house in the Republic of China era takes shape. Airi Building gives a full picture of the peak of the modern Shanghai culture in 1920s.It's a city lounge by the canal in Hangzhou that truly integrates the low-key but luxurious quality.