InterContinental Yokohama Pier 8

PrizeFinalists in Decorate (interior)
ArtistKenichiro Toi/Chief Director
Design TeamKenichiro Toi/Chief Director, Noriko Kasori/Senior Designer, Kohei Hashiguchi/Senior Designer, Akihiro Sugano/Designer
ClientT.Y holdings
CreditHiroyuki Oki [Blue Hours]
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Bon Voyage! The hotel is located in a wonderful spot that evokes history and a sense of the sea on 3 sides for a sense of being afloat. The key phrase is "Bon Voyage” with a design theme of “floating” that brings to mind sea breezes, the ocean’s surface, sunlight, flickering gas lamps, and charming street illumination of the area. Images of sailing ships, the abundant use of wood, cloth, and nautical design elements scattered throughout all deliver an overall design that conveys the feeling of a sea voyage to all the five senses.

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