PrizeShortlist in Decorate (interior)
CompanyYUDIN Design
ArtistAleksandr Yudin and Vladimir Yudin
ClientSeit-Bekir Suleimanov, Ervin Memetov
CreditSergey Savchenko
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TAKAVA 2.0 is the development done by the studio YUDIN Design of the concept of the already famous TAKAVA Coffee-Buffet. The architectural organization is harmonious but also composed of a mix of styles: industrial for the modernity and elegance of this place; loft for the open ventilation paths, the concrete ceilings and the micro-cement walls; minimalist for furnishings. The most inspiring element for the designers was the traditional Turkish coffee cup called cezve. The interior's highlight is undoubtedly the bar covered by wooden panels, while tubular LED lamps illuminate the partitions

The studio YUDIN Design, created by Aleksandr and Vladimir Yudin, provides the design of commercial and private interiors for more than 20 years. They have been the first Ukrainian interior designers that dealt with the design of bars, restaurants, hotels, service centres and shops. The designers Aleksandr and Vladimir Yudin are also specialized in the VIS designing, as they made many original and memorable brands, providing successful marketing decisions in the visual representation of different bars, cafes, supermarkets etc..