Woodland Dancer

PrizeShortlist in Shoot (photo/video)
CompanyHunt + Capture
ArtistLacey Criswell
ClientGerald White
CreditPhotographer: Lacey Criswell, Talent/Artist: Gaby Rave, Cole RedHorse Taylor, Gerald White, Gozi White, Josiah Thunder, Travis Cummings, Biidwe Kingbird

As Covid keeps altering the way we gather, the indigenous people of the Great Lakes region have had to cancel their pow-pows and cultural gatherings. Art, sharing, trading and dancing are a huge part of their indigenous identity. In order to continue their way of connecting and celebrating they have turned to photoshoots to showcase their culture and share their art. This is part of a series documenting Woodland Dancers. The work was shared with in their communities and publishes in numerous locations.