PrizeShortlist in Use (product)
ArtistSebastián Rial
Design TeamVictoria Scola
CreditLa Agencia

KIT is a furniture system conceived as an object for the kitchen, as a piece of furniture that promotes a contemporary and dynamic living, and maximizes the idea of an integrated space. A unique piece, that adapts to new ways of experiencing cooking, to encourage people to meet, interact and share experiences. Functionality, ergonomics and a careful selection of materials are combined to achieve a timeless, high-performance product that integrates cooking and preparation, as well as storage and surfaces that support these activities.

We are an international award-winning design agency that specializes in furniture systems. As a team of creative designers with a deep understanding of contemporary living, we shape the way in which we live spaces, delivering relevant solutions for the brand’s challenges. We design furniture systems that aim for new ways of living, that create places for people to meet, interact and communicate. We make architecture through furniture. We are LA AGENCIA, design as an idea.