TT.W7 Endoscope Washing Machine

PrizeFinalists in Use (product)
CompanyEkas Design Studio
ArtistMohammad Sina Gavili
Design TeamMohammad Sina Gavili, Ehsan Taghaddosi
ClientTosan Tajhiz Co.

Decontamination of the endoscope is a vital process as it enters the patient's body. TT.W7 endoscope washing machine is designed to make this process easier and reduce the risk of infection. This can be accomplished by automating the cleaning process and reducing the need for human intervention. Another goal was to improve the device's efficiency by optimizing the sink to entirely emit water after washing, while also it's designed to reduce detergent use. The aesthetic of TT.W7 is distinct from its competitors and reflects the sense of modernism. The casing is made to be simple to maintain.