Wine Aerator

PrizeFinalists in Use (product)
CompanyHuang Liang Precision Enterprise Co., Ltd. & MIRDC, Taiwan
ArtistTsai Tung-Lin / Hsueh Chung-Kuei
Design TeamTsai Tung-Lin, Hsueh Chung-Kuei, Liu Ya-Chieh and Song Hsien-Chih for Design Team
CreditTsai Tung-Lin / Hsueh Chung-Kuei
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The design is simple and smooth, convenient to carry, simple to operate, and easy to clean.The wine body is enhanced by decanting, which improves the taste, aroma, and thickness, awakening the aromas and the microbrews, making it soft and smooth, creating a distinctive personal style and fashionable taste. The design can decant wine instantly, the traditional decanting method takes 30 to 60 minutes, this product can save decanting time, suitable for more than 80% of the world 3-7 years old young red wine use.