TRANSPLANT: Bio shelthers that make smiling

PrizeFinalists in Build (architecture)
University/SchoolEcole Nationale Supérieure D'Architecture De Grenoble
ArtistJodel Bismarc MEKEMTA

The project integrates as an existing part of the Turkish culture by promoting the integration of Syrian refugees and their participation in the Turkish daily life.The design approach is based on the Syrian courtyard creating a kind of veil that allows for privacy and fosters community spirit.Earthen construction is a traditional technique in Turkey. We opted for shelters with a prefabricated wooden supporting structure. The walls are made of self-locking mud brick.This brick can be dismantled and reused if the shelter is deserted.

I'm from Cameroon and currently live in France. I'm an architect graduated from EAMAU in 2021 and now preparing my Master degree in innovation design at ENSA Grenoble. I have won several international competitions on skyscrapers, refugee shelters, sea level project, health care project, and many others, all published in many international magazines. I have also collaborated with different architects in many projects. So I could easily combine professional work and studies. I am convinced that, just as the writer heals society, architecture teaches,shares,balances and gives us a second life.