The Wood City

PrizeFinalists in Build (architecture), Shortlist in Build (architecture)
University/SchoolUniversity of Arts
ArtistMina Dagbasi

Is there a way to re- activate dead public spaces? In the site; Kings Cross (London,UK)pseudo public spaces, surveillance, and manipulative laws, lead to dead and inactive spaces. These empty streets and squares, lead people to feel anxious and unsafe. The Wood City aims to create a new collective public life through wood production and co-working. The proposed design is a simulation of a ‘city’ scape, constructed by the morphological elements found in the site; Kings Cross. In order for a public space to function, it needs to be inhabited, filled with users that feel ownership in the space.

As an interior designer I welcome opportunities to expand my knowledge and expertise through different disciplines of design practices. Graduated from the university ranked 2nd globally for art and design. Participated in International Property Awards 2017 winning apartment: 190 Strand. Created a photography book with assistance from two installation and photography artists. Created 7 compelling residential / retail and interior projects in university and professional practice.