Renovation of Park Univerzale

PrizeFinalists in Build (architecture)
University/SchoolFaculty For Desing / Associated Member of University of Primorska
ArtistMaja Križan, stud.fd.
Design TeamMenthor: Benjamin Hafner, u.d.i.a., PA ZAPS 2107, Author: Maja Križan, stud.fd.

In the process of renovation Park Univerzale project was inspired by the rich history of straw-making in Slovenia. As early as the 18th century, straw-making was a very widespread craft in Domžale. The most famous straw hats were worn by the Duke of Windsor and later British Prime Minister Anthony Eden. Therefore project inspiration came riht from the structure of the straw and its knitting. Straw hat pattern was in an abstract way projected as a carpet on entire surface of the park. That structure, which connects the history, becomes the fundament for all urban design from paving to benches.