Reflections of Australia

PrizeShortlist in Create (art)
ArtistMichele Darmanin
CreditPhoto Credit by Michele Darmanin

My pottery pieces are inspired by the vibrant coloured earth in the Australian outback including sands from rivers & beaches. Blending porcelain clay, red soils & sands the piece includes a touch of Australia. The pattern carved on the surface of the pot represents the precious resource of water. Once bisque fired the surface was gently sanded to expose brilliant coloured sands which represent the Australian outback. This piece was then glazed in white shino to allow the coloured sands to penetrate through the clay body in a natural way. This piece reflects the unique Australian environment.

In Nov 2017, I began my first experience on the pottery wheel & fell in love. After a few months I began using porcelain clay. From there a new creative journey began. When my husband & I would go camping in different locations around Australia. I started to collect a touch of Australia and adding them to my pottery creations. The natural beauty of Australia inspired and touched me deeply in a new way. I started with coloured river & beach sands, pebbles from rivers & beach, two different coloured pumice stones, volcanic soils including vibrant red soils from the Australian Outback.