Some people call it the happiest journey

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ArtistErika Nojiri
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My message is that the definition of happiness is not determined by others or trends, but by myself, and that I am the only one who protects me. This motifs are a Japanese traditional wedding kimono, a toy, my legs and a cat. My hometown is a country side that has the thinking of marriage is the best way to be happy for wemen. It's a old thinking. I think my life is mine. Nobody can decide the choices in my life. So, I drew the reserved kimono. This way of wearing is for only funerals. I exhibited the work like a hanging scroll and dragging it to the floor. It means the celebrate kimono.

I make art works from my dark experiences. My painting style is spiral lines and original Japanese characters. And my theme is "included words". In Japanese societies, "nothing" was required as a matter of course. If there are some members in troubles, they make that nothing. I wonder it's really a good way to keep things running smoothly? I think we need a society that respects the individual. "Trying to cover conflicts and troubles" is the pacifism in good way but some people suffer from absurdity. Through my art works, I tell that importance of listening to each person's words more.