Water Graffite

PrizeShortlist in Create (art)
ArtistRose Mary Aguiar Borges
Design TeamRose Aguiar
CreditWater Garffite 4 Capa

Photographs are mental, scientific and/or metaphorical productions depending on the path and the look that the artist focuses on in his investigation. The object of this research, which fits into the simplicity of observation, seeks the visual effect of images digitally photographed with my camera from the water from the constant movement, coming and going of water, in an aquatic space that suffers interference from sunlight, movement, rain and wind, at different times, by nature in general, at the time of the artist's eye and click

Rose Aguiar - Brazilian visual artist, graduated in Arts at Bennett and three graduate studies in Art too. Lives in Nova Friburgo, RJ. Works with drawing, and photography for over 40 years. has held individual and collective exhibitions in Brazil and others countries. Participated in exhibitions by MUSA and Heclectik Art Galeria. She participated in two Photo immersions, in France and in Lumiar, RJ. Published photobook "ÁGUA VIVA ". Virtual collectives as in the EIXO Gallery and ZAGUT Gallery, Rio de Janeiro. Her photographs that instill the viewer, a strangeness with his current theme WATER