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PrizeShortlist in Create (art)
ArtistMinori Shimizu

These drawings made by row-silk and cotton fabrics which is waste from fashion industry i have been working for as a kids clothing designer. Color tips from the "no longer production"color book.Canvas fabrics from the stock of "closed Haute couture Boutique". I would like to express healing and impression through this project. Insted of creating mass-production kids clothings what i usually design.The motif of "Moon and Sun","Rainbow after Rain","Flower" means the Universal value independent of the economy such as Nature and humanity which i sincerely express to kids.

Working as a kids/baby clothing designer.Grew up in Yamanashi,graduated fashion technical college in Sendai Japan. I usually design mass-production clothes but i used to concern and feel wrong about the waste from clothing industry. Especially during pandemic situation,Through a life of finding pleasure in nature without meeting anyone, I realized the importance and beauty of the natural environment. I want to make things that would be more beneficial to children than mass-produced children's clothes, so I started making art pieces.