PrizeFinalists in Illustrate (graphic)
University/SchoolHanyang Cyber University
ArtistSeunghyun Kang
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It's a character that started from 'Erasing', and it has the meaning of erasing things that you want to erase instead. Using the motif of eraser + scrubber who scrubs down bathers Temple, we completed the form of eraser whose job is scrubber who scrubs down bathers. Italian towels are always associated with Korean bathing culture. That's why it's a character job. I started to use it as a means of expressing the characteristics. The character in the shape of an eraser is complete with a towel around his head and an Italian towel at all the time.

UX / BX / Visual Designer DesignerKang - I like design. I especially like the UX/BX Graphic design. My personality is introverted, but I want to be famous as a designer. So I have been participating in a domestic design contest and getting big and small awards. I'm currently working as a creative director for a small company. I'm studying at school, and if I have a chance with designers from abroad, Even if it's not a specific field, I want to interact and work online.