PrizeShortlist in Illustrate (graphic)
University/SchoolHanyang Cyber University
ArtistSeunghyun Kang
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As we all are facing COVID-19, We need something to reduce contact as much as possible when using public transportation. So, I thought ‘What if we have non-touching bus bell?’ D’tB is a service that helps you to reserve get off spot and informs in advance on mobile and bus without contacting a bell on the bus. And, it also helps you not to miss the bus stop that you need to get off.

UX / BX / Visual Designer DesignerKang - I like design. I especially like the UX/BX Graphic design. My personality is introverted, but I want to be famous as a designer. So I have been participating in a domestic design contest and getting big and small awards. I'm currently working as a creative director for a small company. I'm studying at school, and if I have a chance with designers from abroad, Even if it's not a specific field, I want to interact and work online.