Rainbow Girl

PrizeFinalists in Shoot (photo/video)
ArtistJose-Pablo Fernandez
Design TeamJ.P. Fernandez
CreditJose-Pablo Fernandez [Alias: Tatah]

RAINBOW GIRL is an e-book that presents vaccines as saviors of humanity. The heroine is Mirabilis, a good virus that comes to save the world from nasty viruses. She communicates only through Itzel, a 6-year-old girl whose name in Maya means Rainbow Girl. The bad guys are commanded by Mephisto and the good guys by Quantum Lancer. Most images in the book emerged from a quantum field created with my Flux-Spectrum® photography where random states of disorder offer probabilities for images to emerge. These images exist only for an instant, an event in quantum physics, while I take the photographs.

Photographs from a Quantum Field I developed Flux-Spectrum®Photography in 2021 to capture images that emerge from a quantum field. I work with sunlight which is electromagnetic radiation transmitted in quanta or packets of energy called photons. I interact with these photons to create random states of disorder that offer probabilities for images to emerge in my studio, moving constantly until they disappear. They do not exist in the real world and the only records of them are the photographs that I take. The image of Mirabilia the good virus, inspired my to write the eBook Rainbow Girl.