Jeff Koons exhibition in Marseille’s MUCEM

PrizeShortlist in Shoot (photo/video)
ArtistJudit Stowe
CreditJudit Stowe

There was a great Jeff Koons exhibition in Marseille’s MUCEM. The Artist and the exhibition’s curator decided to present the works in juxtaposition with old artifacts from the museum’s collection. The dialogue between old and contemporary, memories of childhood and feeling the weight of today’s challenges inspired me to photograph and present these iconic works from my point of view, “in my way”.

Judit Stowe (née Kovács) Was born and raised in Hungary. Having long lived in numerous countries, she is profoundly interested in the diverse cultures and peoples she has encountered. She studied at the Glassel School of Art in Houston, as well as the Institute of Photography of New York. Traversing the world with her camera, she aims above all to capture shapes and shadows, and seize all situations that generate emotions. Before settling in France in 2007, she lived for six years in China. Digital technologies have revolutionised photography, and she does not hesitate to mix them.