Transversing Alignment

PrizeShortlist in Shoot (photo/video)
University/SchoolUniversity College Cork
ArtistJack Lehane

The Hallgrimskirkja parish church composes a unique visual rhythm against a minimalist backdrop of the sky in Reykjavík, Iceland. Among the tallest structures in the country, the verticals of the 74.5m structure creates an alignment that naturally leads the eye upwards to a higher plane.

Jack R. Lehane is a self-taught photographer from Cork, Ireland. His photographic work aspires to engage emerging landscapes of architecture and design, contemporary fields of cross-cultural discourse, and the intersection of both. Navigating a range of thematics including photojournalism, travel documentary and socio-ecological environments, they aim to negotiate emerging spatial agencies. Grounding the craft of photography in a real-world context, they posit visual narratives that offer an opportunity to mobilise in a growing global community and public domain.