Pagoda in IR

PrizeShortlist in Shoot (photo/video)
ArtistPamela Hymer
CreditPamela Hymer

On a cool morning visiting a local park for the first time was this scene. A little out of the ordinary but comforting at the same time. The pagoda sits across a small body of water surrounded by big beautifully bushy trees. Shot in Infrared brought out a perfect essence between the water, trees and structure.

I am a San Antonio-based photographer that has been shooting since 1983. My dream of a photography career took a backseat as I spent 26 years following my husband from army post to army post, raising my 2 girls and working full time. I did manage to keep Photography as a hobby and continued to shoot and learn. Over the past few years, as my husband retired from the military, I have been able to refocus and revive my dream.