PrizeFinalists in Use (product)
ArtistMohammad Hossein Namayandegi

Selena pendant lamp utilizes LED light sources along with a glass diffuser as the light reflector. The glass has a curved surface inside which covered with a layer of reflective color and convert linear light sources into area light and distribute the light around the room. In this way, the product creates a uniform, amplified, and efficient lighting with less electricity consumption. The product has developed in a way that makes it possible to replace the LED light source from the upper part and without the need for removing the glass. This structure improves product maintenance.

M.Namayandegi has worked as a researcher, technical designer, and freelance product designer since 2005 and experienced developing various types of products including educational toys, electronic devices, and solutions for disabled people. As a design researcher, he has published different papers about Creative design tools, User-centered design process, and Ergonomics.