Urban Irrigation

PrizeFinalists in Build (architecture)
ArtistXudong Zhu
Design TeamJinlai Song, Mengchu Chen, Bochao Sun, Lei Ming, Haoran Zheng, Jiabin Wei
CreditXudong Zhu

Traditionally, Irrigation is the artificial process of applying water to land to assist in production of crops. Urban Irrigation visions a future sustainable urban public space that facilitates a contemporary life based on the preservation of industrial relics. It maintains a spirit that respects the history of the modern industrial period and imagines a future that integrates innovation with nostalgia. Together, ecological services, recreational activities, educational engagements form a systematic connection, promoting a renewal typology for industrial relics with water towers as the medium.

Xudong Zhu is an architect and urban designer, just graduated from Harvard GSD MAUD in 2022, where he won the third prize of 2022 Plimpton-Poorvu Design Prize. Before GSD, He holds Bachelor and Master of Architecture with distinction from Tongji University where he received the highest design honor. During his graduate period, he had a one-year double degree program with Politecnico Di Milano. During his study at Harvard, Xudong co-founded T.E.N in Shanghai. As the lead architect, he has led the team to win many well-known design awards at home and abroad in the past few years.