Fein 1 Central

PrizeShortlist in Build (architecture)
CompanyHQ Architects
ArtistProject Architect: Smadar Efrati, Oded Fux
Design TeamArchitect: Keshet Rosenblum
CreditDor Kedmi
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An apartment building with a courtyard that welcomes light and air on all levels, with a communal social space at its heart.The building’s focal area is its red courtyard that together with the curvaceous continuous balconies provide a meeting and gathering space for residents. The facade is minimal in an off white color- typical of local Tel Aviv architecture, while playful color contrast between inside and outside emphasizes public and private space. The organic shaped balconies contrast the symmetrical exterior facade, creating a clear distinction between street and shelter.

HQ Architects was founded in Tel Aviv in 2008 by Erez Ella, and is currently comprised by a creative and dedicated team of 55 people based in Tel Aviv. Focusing on a strong pragmatic and programmatic approach, HQ Architects strives to question conventions and create culturally challenging buildings, spaces and urban environments. Our methodology showcases both playfulness and strong technical expertise, spearheading the design and construction over many projects of various scales in Israel and abroad.