PrizeFinalists in Create (art)
ArtistMinori Shimizu

Painted by calligraphytool on row-silk canvas(80cm)Covered by naturalbyeing(Sakura,Madder,Pomegranate,mimosa etc) cotton/silk/hemp fabrics. ALL these materials are left over pieces after cut the clothing shapes. By this project,I wanted to express invisible but most valueble "kokoro" which is translated as spirit or heart. As Japanese tradition,seeing SAKURA and MOON is especially emotional moment which makes us strongly aware of exsisting "kokoro".I believe that be impressed by beautiful nature is Universal value independent of the economy which i sincerely express to the world.

Working as a kids/baby clothing designer.Grew up in Yamanashi,graduated fashion technical college in Sendai Japan. I usually design mass-production clothes but i used to concern and feel wrong about the waste from clothing industry. Especially during pandemic situation,Through a life of finding pleasure in nature without meeting anyone, I realized the importance and beauty of the natural environment. I want to make things that would be more beneficial to children than mass-produced children's clothes, so I started making art pieces.