Temple of Cultural Heritage

PrizeShortlist in Decorate (interior)
CompanyPANG Interior Design Studio
ArtistPang Yen Tsai
Design TeamKu Fang Ru
ClientBank Of Culture
CreditTemple of Cultural Heritage
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This exhibition represents the rare coalescence of cultural heritage, historical artifacts, new-wave thinking, and innovative perspectives. Beyond conveying the importance of the items and temple culture on display, the organizers hope that this diversely dynamic exhibition will attract visitors from a diversity of backgrounds and age groups, raise public awareness of and commitment to cultural heritage preservation, and promote the value of passing on learned wisdom and cultural perspectives to future generations.

Spatial construction is a dialogue with the self and a boundlessly malleable medium for interpreting space from multiple perspectives. The studios motto Honesty Always underscores a commitment to treat every detail of every design project with honesty and scrupulous professionalism. The ultimate goal is creating exceptional spaces that hit every clients unique sweet spot in terms of both quality and utility.