La Cosmo

PrizeFinalists in Decorate (interior)
CompanyPaco Lago Interioriza
ArtistPaco Lago
Design TeamAlejandro Picatoste, Alba Urbano, Ana Albarracín, Toni Albaladejo, Elisabet Valenzuela
ClientDani Carnero
CreditFer Gómez & Alba Urbano
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La Cosmo is a concept that links the traditional cuisine of the chef from Malaga, with fun and informal touches. With a setup that could not be modified by regulations, the design has solved each creative challenge and giving the space a characteristic "workshop" air. A gastro workshop. Memories of a long career in the kitchen on their walls. A color palette with influences from the classic Le Creuset pans, lighting typical of a mechanical workshop, and a set of mirrors that hide the storage of stuff from the view of the client, with whom he lives through an omakase bar.