Breath of the sea – Dali Qinglv-House Design

PrizeShortlist in Decorate (interior)
CompanyUsual Studio
ArtistLin Jingrui
Design TeamLIN Jingrui, WANG Kunhui, WEN Hsin, Laura Canto López, David Qiu, WU Hailun, WU Zhiyuan,SHEN Minghui, HU Miaomiao

The winding coastline of Erhai Lake is like the staves of romantic songs. Chasing the light and shadow of mountains and seas along the coastline is one of the best experiences in visiting Dali. Taking the mountain as the house and the sea as the courtyard; the natural relationship and experience of the mountain and the sea are related to the design of the overall space of the building, and the curve shape like the coastline is used to organize the relationship between the building and the environment, and create a sense of relaxation and leisure.