Show Type

PrizeFinalists in Illustrate (graphic)
CompanyHufax Arts / Fjcu
ArtistFa-Hsiang Hu
Design TeamAlain Hu, Fei Hu, Team of AART
ClientADLink Education Foundation

Using contemporary internationalist design techniques, layers of Chinese character strokes are deconstructed to create a three-dimensional space and relationship between performers and the stage, presenting the artistic trend and momentum of the new generation of Taiwanese performers. The symbolic roles also roam among the stage curtains, showcasing the physical movements of performance art with the aesthetic beauty of calligraphy strokes.

Fa-Hsiang Hu is a designer, creative director and educator. He is an associate professor of Department of Applied Arts at Fu-Jen Catholic University and also is Director of Taiwan Graphic Design Association / Director of GDA-ROC Association / Director of Taiwan Posters Design Association and Executive Creative Director of Hufax arts.