Sanxingdui Museum New Hall

PrizeFinalists in Decorate (interior)
CompanyBeijing Puri Lighting Design Co.,Ltd.
ArtistFang Hu
ClientGuanghan Sanxingdui Cultural Tourism Development Co., LTD

This is a space where there are no lamps at all but only light. The lighting of the large span of space is all done by indirect light. The brightness and darkness of the space have dramatic changes, highlighting the mystery of the Sanxingdui. When night falls, the façade wall washer lights and spotlights slowly light up one after another, as if the "eyes" slowly open to see the world. The totem pattern of the hanging ring is clearly lit. The civilization of a thousand years is presented in front of our eyes. Mounded three site, the “Eye” of Ancient Shu, Brightening the World!