Bel Corpo body aesthetic studio

PrizeFinalists in Decorate (interior)
CompanyBabayants Architects
ArtistArtem Babayants
Design TeamBabayants Architects
CreditSergey Krasyuk. Stylist: Natalia Onufreichuk
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Bel Corpo body aesthetic studio in Moscow is the first commercial project for Bababyants Architects. The task was quite generic: to create an atmospheric, aesthetical, emotional, and yet minimalist space where the guests would feel comfortable. Bel Corpo is specialized in body care procedures. The interior has to express softness and sensuality, set on relaxation and self-care. Roundish shapes, tactile textures, soft lines, and a warm color scheme create a nearly meditative feeling. The first associations that Bel Corpo brings are soft and moisturized skin, women's body curves, inner glow.

We are striving to rethink the space in terms of meaningfulness and perfection of each of its elements. You won’t find excessive decorations, departure from meaning or trading form for function here. Light is what we start working with in the first place. It is what defines basic forms of space, reveals textures and creates the atmosphere. Other important elements are laconic volumes, natural materials, clear geometric contours of objects, freedom and flexibility of composition. We call this style "cozy minimalism".