Re-mining Giali: A New Scenario for the Manufactured Landscape_Baths and a Power Production Facility

PrizeFinalists in Build (architecture)
University/SchoolUniversity of Thessaly
ArtistDimitrios Mitsimponas
CreditDimitrios Mitsimponas
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The project reimagines Giali’s manufactured landscape which has been irreparably altered by mining, causing many environmental and social effects. It explores the relation between production infrastructure and leisure programs to reclaim the mine and create a new revenue stream for the local communities. By utilizing the island’s geothermal energy, an underground architectural program integrates energy production and the bathing element. According to a cascading energy system, each space is arranged depending on its heat and humidity needs creating a hybrid where all the senses are stimulated.

Dimitrios Mitsimponas is a young architect from Greece. Through his studies and collaborations with accomplished professionals, he gained valuable knowledge and experience in architectural and product design, visualization and 3D modeling. His keen interest in sustainability is showcased in his design thesis project. Furthermore, Dimitrios' research focuses on modularity and design issues in reference to contemporary environmental and urban phenomena.