Controlled Geometry

PrizeFinalists in Create (art)
ArtistOksana Omelchuk

"Controlled Geometry" demonstrates the combination of seemingly incompatible objects, textures and forms, which together form a harmonious pattern.The main task was to create the effects exclusively with my own hands during shooting. Thus, the contrast between the polar black and white backgrounds was achieved by manually controlling the lighting to display how the same objects at almost the same time, with a difference of a few seconds, can be presented to the eye, creating the effect of inversion and collage, without using their classical techniques. This is the control of the light.

Oksana is a visual artist, architecture and fine art photographer, based in Kyiv, Ukrane. Art educational: Kyiv School of Photography, Ukraine, Form Photo Academy, Paris, France. Having a master's degree in Economic, experience in journalism and PR, this can be applied in the photo field, but in reverse: the photo is not an illustration now, but the main message, supplemented by storytelling. Her love of fine art and 6 years of experience in art school helps Oksana to combine photography and art and this combination is a way of her communication with the world.