PrizeFinalists in Shoot (photo/video)
ArtistAlexandros Othonos

in this series Disturbia , i want to pass on the viewer a strange , dark and cold feeling , full of mystery through my imagination to allow the viewer to be able to create with his own imagination , his own story about this strange figures and feel his own emotions that this images brings out in him .

My name is Alexandros Othonos ( Alex ) . I was born in 1998 in Greece in the city of Patras. My passion and my love for photography came into my life four years ago completely by accident when I lived in Athens , my friend was studying photography . I was trying to help her with her work and by some magical way I was drawn to it. I realised that photography was the only thing I loved doing . Since then I work on photography based on people in my own way , using my imagination .