Lancheng Baihe·Yancheng Jiangnanli Residence

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyHangzhou Sheshi Soft Decoration Design Co., Ltd. & Zhengzhou Muchen Decoration Co., Ltd.
ArtistWei Wang,Gang Wang
Design TeamYanna Pan,Ge Li,Wenting Guo,Hao Guo,Yu Tian,Song Wang

We deconstruct oriental aesthetics, integrate into contemporary design, and make space more inclusive with simple lines and pure colors. The collocation of objects echoes the simplicity of the space. Lines, materials, and tones all show the minimalist artistic conception and spiritual pursuit of oriental aesthetics under the vague background of Yingchuo lighting. Under the seemingly inadvertent collocation, everything is natural, the design realizes multiple artistic conceptions, and the humanities run through and naturally coexist.