PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
ArtistBen Ibbotson and Maria Than
Design TeamBen Ibbotson: Sound + Video Editing + Colour Grading, Maria Than: 3D scanning + Animation
CreditSpiderPlant and Maria Than
Video URLView

Welcome. Breathe. Leave your stresses at the door. Enter this space. Come into the flat where the music was made. This is a place where you can escape. Welcome to the SpiderPlant universe. The project is centred around themes of work-related stresses & creating a safe space within your home to leave those stresses behind. The video welcomes the viewer into the space where the music was made, to contextualise the creation of the audio and demonstrate the power of separation between work and home life through accessible technology.

Maria Than is a Vietnamese-British-French creative technologist, educator, activist & co-founder of Ricebox Studio. Her work is playful, interactive, & narrative-based with a strong focus on social good. She experiments with Augmented Reality, illustration & AI-generated images & is currently working on a series of AI x AR artworks that explores her identity as a chronically online Asian woman who looks at themes of over-productivity, anxiety, internalised racism, burn-outs & escapism. She exhibited in London, Paris, New York & in Toronto and is a Fellow at the Royal Society of Arts.