Life Guardian

PrizeOfficial Selection in Use (product)
University/SchoolNorth China University of Science and Technology
ArtistXudong Jin
Design TeamXitong Xu,Yidan Liu,Rui Huang,Jiao Jiao,Junyi Liu,Zhiying Wu,Zhengchen Zhang,Qingyun Qian,
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Life Guardian is a safety protector for drowning people or swimmers placed on the shore. It’s like a sphere,and when the user picks it up and throws it at the drowning person, the impact force generated by the sphere and the water surface triggers the impact sensor to make the liquid inside react and quickly generate a large amount of gas, making it become a lifebuoy shape. At this time, other devices attached in this ring such as the human infrared sensor, positioning module and propeller will cooperate with each other and quickly reach the drowning person to achieve effective rescue.