1,5 Kg de Ocupa!

PrizeOfficial Selection in Illustrate (graphic)
Company1/4 Studio
ArtistAna Mota, Jorge Araújo
Design TeamAna Mota, Jorge Araújo
ClientGaleria Ocupa!

Book commissioned by an art gallery located at an old butcher. "1,5 Kg de Ocupa!" celebrates the first 1,5 years of artistic production at the gallery. The gallery retains the original places’ aesthetics. We opted to use the language seen at traditional butchers across town. This meant using affordable materials as well as the type, often hand-lettered by the butchers themselves. Thereby, each cover of this limited series has a unique hand-lettered title design. The back cover is used as a colophon and the layout structure was inspired by the nutritional value stamps found in meat packaging.