PrizeOfficial Selection in Create (art)
CompanySzuling Studio
ArtistSzu Ling Liu

It is hard to imagine in this day and age that we are still so close to war, or even the possibility of a nuclear war. In the struggle for political power, it is always the common people who are sacrificed. I have seen through the news media how wars have destroyed homes and hospitals, torn apart families, and taken countless lives. Now that the war is still going on, I would like to express solidarity with Ukraine with this work and pray that the war will end as soon as possible. #STOPWAR -

Szuling is a multidisciplinary artist working across design, photography and art. And also a pharmacist. She graduated both from National Taiwan University (2010) in Pharmacy and National Taiwan University of Arts (2016) in Visual Communication. Experimentality and abstract avant-garde are two major characteristics of her works. Artworks from photography, graphics, motions, paintings, and still explore various possibilities. In less than a year after her works, she was soon selected to the Tokyo International Art Fair and won Gold Winner in The Paris Photography Prize (PX3).