Living Dolls

PrizeOfficial Selection in Create (art)
CompanyCorinna Holthusen
ArtistCorinna Holthusen
CreditCorinna Holthusen

The conceptual photographer Corinna Holthusen is known for her suspenseful portraits that mirror today's ideals of beauty and the artificiality associated with them. Her effect on us viewers is like an ambivalent tightrope walk between fascination and cringe. But how does this paradox arise? - Through a complex image editing process, Holthusen digitally superimposes a multitude of physiognomies and then processes them with analogue painting. By means of this sensitive media superimposition, artificial, new 'beings' are created from scratch. The artist herself states: "I love the combination of

Corinna Holthusen is a conceptual artist specialised in photography and digital imaging.The photos are taken in the studio, manipulated at the computer, then printed by Corinna Holthusen. She deals with the topic of convergence of beauty, disgust, artificiality, naturalness ... perfectly worked faces, bodies and its destruction and new composition by several physiognomies and finally haptic breakup by material deposition on the surface of the photo prints. She uses acrylics and pigments to develop an emotional dimension on the print. She is a multi-award winning artist.