The Flower Dance of Illusions

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
CompanyNanyang Technological University
ArtistCindy Wang
Design TeamJan Hsieh, M.Synchrony
ClientBlossom Pavilion, Taichung
Video URLView

The Flower Dance of Illusion is a site-specific installation, designed around the Blossom Pavilion space and the “Blossom 2022” Spring festival theme. It takes a contemporary spin and a bold typographic interpretation on the classical Tang poem??????“Drinking alone with the moon” and the idea of??????(Hua Tuan Jing Cu) which describes a joyful and prosperous scene of colorful flowers in full bloom. Creating an experience of “walking amongst poetry” and a reflection of the title, which plays with the idea of a dance of illusions between the shadow and light, in reminiscence of spring blooms.