PrizeOfficial Selection in Illustrate (graphic)
CompanyNicole Beltran
ClientSelf-initiated work (personal)
CreditGREED By Nicky Beltran

This project contains two posters shown side-by-side. The posters focus on the word Greed, specifically in terms of money. The style of the graphics within the images were made to resemble those found on American money, as I personally connect those lines and colors to the word. The figure, however, peering out over the bottom of the poster can be viewed as a more universal interpretation. The figure is a reflection of ourselves, and speaks to the greed that lives within each of us to some degree. The greed that lies in waiting, ready to creep up and take over when the time is right.

Nicky Beltran has worked on a variety of design projects for close to two decades. She’s been employed by companies like Carnival Cruise Lines, RE/MAX Realty and American Printing Arts. She has served as the Senior Graphic Designer for Solomon Snow Advertising, and as Art Director for WWDB Integrated Marketing. Her skills have been utilized by clients such as Whole Foods Market, Downtown Hollywood, Colombian Emeralds International and more. Currently, Nicky is employed as a full-time Professor of Graphic Design at Barry University where she is also Chair of the Fine Arts Department.