PrizeOfficial Selection in Use (product)
Artistinuk kollektiv
Design TeamLilian Walder, Luisa Schwarz, Jacqueline Amacher
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nuvuja makes a stay in the garden or a visit to the park pleasantly comfortable. The filling of the quilted mat is made of soft cotton. The sophisticated quilted pattern combines textile design and function. The quilting gives it stability in the loosely sewn areas and allows the mat to be folded in the areas where the seams are close together. This makes it very easy to fold the mat partially or completely. When completely folded, the mat can be easily shouldered and transported to the desired location with the help of the carrying strap.

inuk kollektiv develops products for the living space. The design studio combines the three design disciplines product design, textile design and jewellery design. With a high sensibility for material, inuk kollektiv creates products with a playful approach. The aesthetics are shaped by manufacturing technology and the relationship between the user and the product. A reduced visual language as well as the love for details make up the formal signature of the design studio. Through the different perspectives of the interdisciplinary design studio, products are created with ideas for collection