Original Simplicity

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyLong Win Interior Design
ArtistLung Shih Yun
Design Team Tsai Hsiu Yun

The warm indirect lighting falls from the patterned faux finish ceilings complements the exterior natural sunlight, peacefully resulting in a minimalist, rustic, Wabi-Sabi ambiance. Arranging some bright blue and purple furnishings adds distinctive colorful features to an otherwise serene gray tone. Adhere to the design idea of "recover the original simplicity". Making the complicated simple, we plan smooth flows and minimalist layouts, successfully creating wide-open shared spaces for the family to gather together, meantime, meet the homeowner's storage needs.

"Frameless design" is the nucleus of the Long-win design team. It can be any style, but it won't be any kind that you have ever seen. We adhere to the conviction of " simple life attitude". Basically design with the minimalist style, which widely utilize into the residential, commercial, office spaces and soft furnishing. Further to embellish the space with natural greenery wood, thence bring about the extremely unique sustainable circumstance. There's no doubt, the space would present of an exclusive personal style of each proprietor.