Pellucid Panorama

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyDraw Interior Design
ArtistPang Yu Chih

Comfort and leisure are essential factors of a modern home. The French window brilliantly introduces the warm sunshine indoors and brings a transparent, splendid ambiance. The sweet, open-patterned space warmly embraces the coming family member and welcomes relatives and friends to visit. The breezy pale-tinged wooden veneers glibly decorate the awkward corners of the house. Besides, the calm grayish-blue tone homey furnishings present pastel, peaceful scenes, waiting for the busy and tired doctor couples to return home, away from the cold working environment, and enjoy the comfortable.

Brilliantly create happy homes and bring better lives to realize the visions of the property owners. Draw interior design provides a full range of services; carefully listen to the needs and accurately plan the details and features of each project. With sincerity to play our professional aesthetics accomplishment and design capacity of the Contemporary minimalist, Scandinavian, and light Industrial styles, successfully fashion remarkable, glamorous spaces.