Photogenic Reflection

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyTsao,Ding-Wen Architects +Tlw Interior Design
ArtistTsao Ding Wen, Lin Tze Lon

The warm white lighting sprinkles from the ceiling like waterfalls, brilliantly complementing the natural sunlight introduced from the large-scale French windows of the open and airy space. Accentuate with turquoise color and assort with balmy timbers and magnificent marbles, bringing about a high-end, refined, and homely ambiance of the residence. Take advantage of the unfinished house to plan customed layouts and ingeniously meet the needs of receiving guests and family gatherings via changing the illumination and vibes in various situations.

Tsao,ding-wen Architects/TLW interior design holds two professional certifications in architectural and interior design . Building up a deep design background and sticking to the perfect quality of construction, we strive to create magnificent residences with smooth flows and perform the natural, comfortable, and glamorous features of commercial spaces. We provide professional services and carefully uphold the budget and select suitable materials to make people feel at ease to entrust. We carry out the property owners' visions, and achieve a variety of charming spaces.