PrizeOfficial Selection in Use (product)
University/SchoolNational Taipei University of Education
ArtistKaiChieh Hsueh,HsunYu Chang,ZhongWei Lin,KaiChu Li
Design TeamKai-Chieh Hsueh, Yu-Ting Chen, Yen Chang, Yu-Chieh Sun, Hsun-Yu Chang, Zhong-Wei Lin, Prof. Kai-Chu Li
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Putong is designed for caregivers and patients. It’s more efficient to combine chest percussion with postural drainage. Earpiece is added in Putong to judge the position of the patient's sputum by auscultating if the air flow sound in the respiratory tract is abnormal, along with the instructions by tapping the map and postural drainage, which even makes caregivers without medical background be able to assist patients correctly. The doctor's diagnosis certificate can be inputted into Putong, It will intelligently avoid non slapping organs and adjust the force.