Splendor Mansion

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyMuzhu Design Interior Renovation Co., Ltd
ArtistYang Chun Chieh, Cheng Min E

Stepping into the airy home, feel the pleasant and comfortable ambiance immediately. Snuggle in the gray fabric lounge sofas, appreciating the urban day-night scenes. The sight smoothly penetrates the open shared areas, viewing the multiplex selected, exquisite interior finishes and soft furnishings, calmly enjoying the vacation times together in the gorgeous mansion. Exploit the essence of Modern style as base tone; moreover, integrate the Simplicity and French neo-classical styles aspired by the homeowners.

Sincerely review the relevance between people and locality; successfully progress a firm and moderate connection. Well-organize and masterly fashion the ideal configuration, excellently stage the projects of aesthetics and function. Blend the stylish and charm elements with splendid design ideas. Wander within the boundless cogitation, further, pattern the well-crafted interior layout. Reveal the imaginative ideas innovatively and skillfully decorate the plain and natural settings; ultimately achieve the initial dreams.