BALMUDA The Store Aoyama

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
ArtistYoshihiro Yamamoto
Design TeamSatoshi Ohashi (Senior Designer), Shoji Ishijima (Designer), Koji Takenaka (PM) and Megumi Nagai (PM)
ClientBALMUDA Inc.
CreditKenji MASUNAGA
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This is a first flagship shop project of luxury home appliance brand BALMUDA. We aimed to embody the brand's personality, seek a new role for retail stores, and explore the relationship between the store, products, and customers. The first floor is designed under the concept "BALMUDA The Museum" treating each product as a work of art. Like in a museum, the program respects the guests' own will. While the second floor is named "BALMUDA The Lounge" that promotes spontaneous interactions between customers and staff, where people can experience products using all five senses in a live setting.

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